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Ban Appeal Requirements Empty Ban Appeal Requirements

on Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:24 pm
These are the requirements in the ban appeal you must make.

1. You must have less than 3 total bans on the server. (We keep a list so don't lie)

2. You must give evidence that you were false banned if you belive you were.

3. You have to be banned to appeal. If you are not banned and appeal on the forums, you will get banned! (Ironic isin't it)

4. BE HONEST! Trying to say you are not hacking when we clearly saw you will NOT get you unbanned



Why you have been banned:

Give us the evidence you have if you believe you were false banned:

What hacks were you using when you got banned, and have you quit using them?:

Why should we unban you?
Minimum 350 characters:
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